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Songwriting Tip
Songwriting tip is all about sharing useful information of what to avoid, or what to do when writing songs or music, and how to get the public to enjoy what we produce
Songwriting tip has been put together to share useful information about writing songs and music that can be put into good use and be shared with others, so as to make the task of getting pen to paper, or should I say fingers to the computer keyboard.
If you want be a star!
Then follow the rules
The first songwriting tip is very obvious, be prepared to use the other form of songwriting tip where you can trash the poor first attempts, and don’t be ashamed to do this many times.The person who is not prepared to do this will more than likely fail to make it in the end, and end up with a lack of cash because of unwillingness to trash.
The next songwriting tip is to Avoid musician-terms, and learn to describe your music in ways that reach normal people's emotion and imagination, and your music itself will be that much more likely to reach and touch people.
 Here is another songwriting tip is to constantly ask, “What do they really want?” (with “they” being anyone you are trying to reach)
A valuable songwriting tip When you've got one you like, start trying it out on people. Watch their face. See if it lights-up. See if they get curious.
A real number one songwriting tip is to clearly remember that by promoting yourself as the best sound ever heard then you should be warned of the real effect it will have on people.
You didn't arouse their curiosity! You violated a HUGE rule of self-promotion! Bad bad bad!
Then here we have another songwriting tip. It is the public who decide what they want not you, so start writing for them if you want to make money.
Then here is a songwriting tip for all of us never use somebody else’s work without doing the legally right things in doing it. Like me I acknowledge CD Baby for a lot of the ideas I found there.
You want to know more you can contact us or if you just want to see more then read on, and check the menu.
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