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         Music For Dummies with Jennarosa is glad to be part of the Training Classes which are now going to be in CD and downloadable. 

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Jenna, Carl and Crew
Hard at Work!
Jenna, Carl and Crew

Please note that there are many changes that have been made that means that training will now appear in CD form or downloadable form. This page will be updated with the information as everything is made ready. You will note that a useful book remains advertzed below in relation to training. 
 Gone Green
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 This volume challenges readers to think about what music means in contemporary society, and how music education can remain culturally relevant in the new millennium.

  • A collection of thought-provoking philosophical perspectives on music education.
  • Explores the changing ways in which music is being produced, disseminated and received.
  • Considers how current phenomena such as the commoditization of music, the use of new technologies, and access to hybrid music forms, relate to music education.
  • Covers themes such as pragmatism, performativity, cultural identity, emotion, autonomy and globalization.
  • Asks how music teaching and learning can remain culturally relevant.
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There are a number of very helpful training books below.