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Music For Dummies Organization

Music For Dummies Organization is the most comprehensive collaboration system for independent artists.
To market  their products and resource required needs from sister websites such as Hidden Truth Music

Music for Dummies Organization provides collaboration in a comprehensive, inexpensive and creative way to transform talent into marketable products,

removing the hassles out of the system such as legal, publication and distribution

Classical Music

  Dummies Books - Music

The amazing thing is that we not only deal with musical products, but with entertainment and artists
as well, we are also a
ministry though we major on the musical .
There is no way that Music For Dummies or Enter Into our world Network will see you as a dummy,
but instead as a song lover or artist who desires to bring out the creative spirit within you, 
 but as yet does not know how to make such a start in life. 
The good news from Music For Dummies is that you can start right here to becoming that
creative person
  you wanted so much to be and really can become.
For lying already in you is that hidden exciting ability, or otherwise you would not be visiting this website.

Music For Dummies realizes that there is so much to learn and is dedicating these pages to help you succeed.
Also Music For Dummies knows that these pages can only be a small part to pointing you to many
helpful sites
and resourses.


 Please check out at 

Enter Into Our World Organization to see how to join the 

Enter Into Our World Network because it is here to help you realize those dreams.


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Essential to Music For Dummies is collaboration where lyrics and words to songs can come together with
with the help of those who know the traps.

The staff at Music For Dummies is very much aware that raw talent is
not enough for you to make it to the top, or even to succeeding at the lower levels.

For very soon the would be artist finds that they need to know about such things as copyright,
contracts, publishing and other
legal matters and so much, much, much more.

You will see that Music For Dummies through its networking with the right people has,
 and is already helping to build a much simpler way of getting these difficult tasks done.

Music For Dummies through it’s associated partners has helped disabled people to enter into the industry,
and to attain to higher levels of musical or writing skills than anybody dreamed they could attain.


 So Music For Dummies through its staff is skilled in many areasof music, production, publication 
and even
amazingly to children’s books

The depth of our experience goes way outside even these fields.
 You may need help with simply writing a song

Song writing is an art form that can be developed.
After finding out how to write a song you will need to know how to copyright a song.
You can start by looking at writing a song
Also check out Song Writing Tips 

 So as you explore Music For Dummies, you will not be surprised to see us providing links

 to many other helpful areas. For one of the biggest problems that any artist does have 

is to find out very soon about how on earth they are going to make a living or afford equipment,
and all the other things required.

You may be a person who is already well on the way as an artist and have stumbled on
Music For Dummies, and just thought to read it for fun.

But be assured that Music For Dummies has made these pages for you also,
for by now you should know that there are many hidden secrets that are kept from you. 

So Music For Dummies has taken the lid off

these hidden secrets

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  See John Brumby  biography - the author of this site

 Such as the family orientated organization called Enter Into Our World

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From the ministry side we value
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Because Music For Dummies is more than just music for the ears you will see many great promotions
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